Dan IconThe company Citrotek ApS (Ltd.) is resting on a solid foundation, based upon my 25 years’ of experience as sales manager and managing director of Beatronic Supply ApS.

SteenCitrotekDuring most of my years at Beatronic, my primary task was to project and sell climatic test chambers from Vötsch Industrietechnik, ED shakers from RMS and measurement equipment from Kenwood/Fluke/Philips.

In the fall of 2012, Beatronic’s contract as distributor for Vötsch climatic chambers was cancelled and hereby the foundation for my employment. Some years before this happened, I had already started a partnership with CTS GmbH, an alternative supplier of temperature and climatic chambers. I was offered distribution of CTS climate chambers in Denmark and therefore decided to start Citrotek ApS so I could continue my professional work, in the sectors and industries of which I had accumulated a large network and know-how. The establishing of my own company took place with the consensus of the owner of Beatronic.

Thus, all service and sales activities of climatic and temperature chambers were transferred from Beatronic to Citrotek ApS. For our loyal customers, this meant no major changes. Queries, technical advice and purchase orders continued to come directly to me, just now under the Citrotek’s name. After Sales support and services are still booked at the address www.klimaskabsservice.dk and services are still executed by my five skilled service technicians.

My many years in the business, supplemented by annual continuously technical education at the factories in Germany, have given me a solid theoretical and practical experience. In close cooperation with my Swedish colleagues at CTS Climate Test Systems AB, I have reinforced the foundation for providing a competent and objective advices for; temperature- and  climatic test chambers, ovens, salt spray test and other advanced environmental simulation equipment.

Vi er altid klar med en varm kop kaffe.

In addition to CTS dealership, Citrotek has been awarded the representation of several complementary products; Lansmont Inc. packaging testers, BINDER GmbH heating ovens and incubators, TIRA GmbH vibrators/material testing and KÖHLER salt spray cabinets and corrosion chambers. These companies are among the industry's leading manufacturers of equipment for environmental simulation and climatic tests at the same time complement each other well and here rallied in one and the same distributor.

On top, I have a couple of products of my own "breed"; EMC temperature chamber, which I originally developed for Nokia back in 2003 and by the end of 2016, I've introduce a brand new type of salt spray chamber, designed to carry out "Highly Accelerated Corrosion Testing" (HACT).

As mentioned Citrotek offers services from five highly experienced service technicians based in both East and West Denmark. The strongest team within this industry in Denmark. Citrotek ApS is therefore able to offer full service packages of all models of Weiss, Vötech, BINDER and of course CTS temperature and climatic chambers. We also offer service contracts with annual inspection and traceable calibration. Thus, a fast, efficient and professional service is guaranteed to the already 500+ sold installations I've installed all over Denmark, during the last 25+ years.

So, in short; Citrotek wants to be your preferred partner in the field of equipment for environmental testing and simulation.

Steen Lauritzen
Owner of Citrotek ApS

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