Dan IconCitrotek ApS offers to modify temperature test chambers from both Vötsch, Weiss and CTS with an advanced EMC shielding.

VT4002-EMC 2013 fri-web Beatronic Supply ApS had until 2012 the distribution of temperature and climatic chambers from the German manufacturer Vötsch Industrietechnik. The cabinets did not meet all the requirements from potential customers, one important issue was that the products could not exclude the surrounding EMI noise.

In 2003, I developed in close cooperation with the company Nokia Mobile Phones in Denmark, a new product; an advanced EMC shielding technique, where parts of the structure were also patented. The prototype was built based on an older Vötsch VT 4002 temperature cabinet. As a result of this cooperation we constructed the model now known as VT 4002-EMC.

The same techniques have been transferred to the temperature cabinets from CTS, expanding the range with the models T-40/25 and T-EMC-40/50 EMC. Since the start in 2003, we have sold more than 200 cabinets incorporating this technique. Download datasheet here .

The EMC sealed test cabinets are supplied with one or two entry modules configured per customer wishes and needs. Citrotek can deploy EMC sealing in both used and new cabinets and with excellent results.

VT 4002-EMC and CTS T40 / XX-EMC have been tested by an independent test institute in the frequency range from 0.5 up to 6 GHz with an average attenuation better than 55dB, some models even up to 57dB. We continue to develop and improve EMS attenuation further. After every design change, the device undergoes a complete EMC testing per the IEC 61000-5-7 standard, to verify that we can still reach the high attenuation.

CTS T-40/50-EMC The entry module allows the user to supply the device under testing and at the same time extract the measurement signals from the DUT in the shielded chamber. The modules are interchangeable and can be build to customer specifications. We offer a variety of input modules designed to the customer's individual needs in quantities from just one of. Choose from our standard components: 9 & 25 pole D-sub connector, SMA 24, single pole DC lead through and USB2.0 connector.

All electrical connectors are of course filtered, so they do not compromise the basic attenuation of the chamber. Futhermore, we offer blank entry modules enable the end user to do their own version with other electrical connectors.

VT 4002 EMC version 2 and CTS T-40 / XX-EMC are offered with two entry modules; one in both right and left sides of the test chamber. The modules are interchangeable and can be replaced or changed to other versions as and when required. SMA and USB terminals are the biggest contributors to thermal leakage in the test chamber. Therefore, it is always a good idea to reduce the number of connections and thus increase the thermal gradient and consequently the overall performance of the EMC chamber.

Here are some pictures from the production of the latest version, CTS T40 / 50-EMC. Click on each photo to see a larger version.

EMC Modul EMC modul EMC forseglet dør Nærbillede af dørramme Alternativt EMC modul Alternativt EMC modul USB gennemføring CTS T40/50-EMC EMC modul CTS T40/50-EMC i test CTS T40/50-EMC i test CTS T40/50-EMC klar til levering

EMC Product Update
Attention: very important product updates are available for VT 4002-EMC. Owners/operators of VT 4002-EMC chambers purchased before September 2009 and which have not yet been updated, should contact Citrotek ApS for more information.

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