Dan IconCitrotek is a trading and engineering company, projecting, selling and servicing the German CTS climate chambers in Denmark

Furthermore, we offer qualified maintenance services to Vötsch, Weiss, BINDER and CTS climate- and test cabinets. Other core products are: Lansmont packaging testers, BINDER heating ovens and incubators, TIRA vibrators / material testing and Köhler salt spray cabinets and corrosion chambers. Finally we offers a couple of products of our own "breed": EMC chambers and HACT chamber.

Information about the various activities are available on the product specific pages. They are as follows:


The main task is to get to know our customers and understand the task they face. To achieve this goal, we allocate the necessary resources for each project and thus Citrotek's business is more niche-oriented than based on volume sales. All customers can expect an expert knowledge and a high level of service - regardless of the size, industry and technical challenge.

To meet these targets, we combine my years of experience with the expertise of the industry's most competent partners, all leaders in each of its field. The strategy is to add complementary products to present range, so that our main product lines are developed in these two main groups:

√ Environmental simulation equipment; temperature and climatic chambers, salt fog chambers, ovens, incubators, heating and test cabinets, freezers and systems for ingress protection testing.
√ Vibration and material testing equipment; electro dynamic shaker tables, shock and bump machine, drop tester, hydraulic vibrations tables, material testers by tensile / compression / bending and torsion.

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